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Dinh Than Duong Dong

In severe conditions of the new land, Vietnamese immigrants settling in Phu Quoc often grouped together for mutual assistance in need.

Beaches in Phu Quoc

Bai Vong beach

Bai Vong Beach, on the east coast 15km from Duong Dong, is emerging as an alternative gateway to Phu Quoc.
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Vietnam is generally one of the safest countries you are likely to visit, the government takes a very strong view on ensuring the safety of foreigners visiting Vietnam.

Are you planning to travel alone to Phu Quoc island this summer? Solo travelers has its perils such as concerns, loneliness, safety and single...
Building sand castle

Phu Quoc island appeals tourists with its sandy beaches, National park, splendid waterfall and authentic cuisine. These are good options for family as you...