4 Things To Do In Phu Quoc


Phu Quoc offers abundance of entertainment activities that will thrill on your energy. Organized activities and do-it-yourself activities are designed to meet all aspects of your demands. Scroll out to see 4 things to do in Phu Quoc island.

1. Cycling

Most hotels offer bicycle rentals which start from US$5 per day, which can be a great way to adventure around the local area.

If you plan on cycling further away, poor road conditions and unsealed dusty roads can make this a difficult experience. We recommend purchasing a face mask before you head off on these longer journeys and take plenty of water. The coastal strip surrounding Phu Quoc makes cycling relatively easy however the island heats up when you get move from the coast.

bicycle tour

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2. Kayaking

Phu Quoc provides ideal weather conditions and calm waters during most times of the year for kayaking and more and more resorts now provide either free (Saigon Phu Quoc Resort) or rental kayaks (My Lan at Bai Sao Beach) for visitors.

If your after exercise then kayaking on Long beach provides plenty of open space and only a little other boat traffic, whereas other areas on the island provide the additional benefit of exploring parts of the island, like other beaches and coves not generally reachable by road.

Kayaks on Bao Sao beach generally charge around US$4-5 per hour

3. Diving and Snorkeling

Phu Quoc is a real get away from the crowds and noise of mainland Vietnam. This relatively undiscovered part of the country is fast becoming a hot-spot for tourism. Best you visit soon and experience the Vietnam of 10 years ago.


Diving and snorkeling around the warm waters of Phu Quoc takes place on the the North-Western side of the island or around the small archipelago to the South. Diving is accessible all year round and the best location for diving truly depends on the prevailing conditions.

Due to the Islands proximity to the Mekong delta region peak season visibility is rarely that of the Eastern seaboard of Vietnam. However the nutritious run off from the Mekong and the constantly warm water temperatures give Phu Quoc the best hard coral growth in all of Vietnam.

4. Exploring local markets

You’re in Vietnam so what could be more fun than exploring the local Duong Dong Market early in the morning, see our Local Markets section for a little more information. For a few ideas;

  • Get off the main road into some of the sheds that sell fish, there’s any amazing array of seafood for sale, or
  • Walk down to the other end of the market and visit places few tourists venture, there’s more to town than the main roads, or
  • Checkout the variety of fruit and vegetables on offer, why not try a fruit you’ve never tried before, they could better than you think.

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