Five things you must do while on Phu Quoc Island – Part 2

Phu Quoc island Vietnam
Phu Quoc island Vietnam

Lying in the balmy waters of the Gulf of Thailand, Phu Quoc is Vietnam’s largest island and home to some of the country’s best beaches. A white halo of sand encompasses this green, forested isle, 45km off Vietnam’s southwestern – most coast.

Below is 5 things about you should do when you go Phu Quoc Island:

Visit the local town market

In the center of town beside the Duong Dong river is the Town market, this is a great place to experience the daily life of the locals and see many interesting fruits, vegetables, meats & seafood – Best time to visit is in the morning from 6am to Midday.
Local market in Phu Quoc,
Local market in Phu Quoc

Forest walk in the north

Approximate 5km east from Ganh Dau on the right hand side of the road look for a sign and a path opening to enter the forest. This path goes for some kms so its recommended a 1km walk in will be enough to enjoy the beautiful virgin forest, keep your eye out for the many birds and animals of the forest.
Forest walk
Forest walk

Sunrise at Su Muong Pagoda

Though Sunrise is the best time, anytime really is a good time to visit this old Mountain Pagoda. For a special visit proceed to the back of the property to the right hand side of the existing Pagoda following the path up to the old pagoda, go up to the first level for some prayer and enjoy spectacular views!
Su Muong Pagoda
Su Muong Pagoda

Mountain waterfalls

Though the best time of the year for bathing at these places is generally from May to September, anytime with reasonable weather is a good time to enjoy a picnic or a stroll through the forest.
National Park in Phu quoc
National Park in Phu Quoc

Adventurous ride around the north east

For experienced riders only but for those who do take the trip its well worth the efforts especially in the dry season.
Follow the road from Bai Thom to Ham Ninh where it boasts sea views to the left and stunning mountain scenery to the right side, this is a great day trip. In or after heavy rain its not recommended to take this road, can be very steep in places & slippery!
North east
North east