Phu Quoc Island Restaurants – Where And What To Eat On...

The menu and quality of the food on Phu Quoc island remains the same almost regardless of where you eat, only the surroundings change...
Ganh Dau Beach

Phu Quoc Travel Guide

Why travel to Phu Quoc? Phu Quoc is a beautiful Island located in the Gulf of Thailand 45km West of Vietnam and 15km south of...
Phu Quoc taxis


Taxis with meters are available in big cities. The price is about US$ 0.5per kilometre. Some metered taxi drivers can speak a little English,...
Dinh Cau Night Market

What to take

There are a few things you should consider taking with you on your travels: A map / guidebook Photocopies of your passport, visa and possibly spare...

Travel advice while visiting Phu Quoc

Take a hotel business card from the reception desk before venturing out from your hotel. This will make your return to the hotel in...

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