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Superdong ship
Superdong ship

Travelling to Phu Quoc by boat, ferry, hydrofoil and Boat to Phu Quoccruise liner is becoming a popular option as the number of tourists visiting the island increases each year. With continued development of the port facilities on Phu Quoc, more services will become available in the years to come. There are currently a variety of services available between the Vietnamese mainland and Phu Quoc Island, running frequent daily services. Less regular international services are also available from time to time, though it is worth checking beforehand with the specific companies. We provide a summary below of the services and schedules currently available to Phu Quoc Island ports.

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Connecting from MainlandServices generally take around 2:30 hours from Rach Gia and 1:15 hours from Ha Tien, with most vessels docking at An Thoi Port, though some services also dock at Duong Dong port. Minibus and motorbike taxi connections are available on arrival in An Thoi, if travelling onto Duong dong, long beach or any of the resorts or hotels on the island.

superdong ship
superdong ship

Best months to travel by boat

The best time to Travel by sea is during the dry season when seas are calm (late October to May), as seas are rougher during the monsoon season (June or September). Check our climate and weather page for more weather related information.


Duong Dong Express

Provides good services between mainland Vietnam and Duong Dong with a capacity of 248 seats, as well as 3 nights / 4 days tours from Ho Chi Minh City and 7 days / 6 nights high speed boat trips between Rach Gia, Cambodia, Pattaya and Bangkok. Visit their website for more details.

Contact details:

Duong Dong Town; Head Office, Tran Hung Dao St.,
Tel: 84-77-3981648, 84-77-3981650
Fax: 84-77-3981649
An Thoi Town: Phu Quoc District
Tel: 84-77-3990747, 84-77-3990748
Fax: 84-77-3990749
Rach Gia; 18 Nguyen Cong Tru St., Vinh Thanh Ward, Kien Giang Province.
Tel: 84-77-3879765
Fax: 84-77-3879145

Super Dong Hydrofoil

The super dong has daily connections between Rach Gia and the southern town of An Thoi. Note the Super Dong departs in the afternoon from Phu Quoc, so you will most likely need to stay in Rach Gia overnight, unless you have arranged transport in advance of your arrival in Rach Gia.

Contact details:

Ho Chi Minh City : Tel/Fax: 84-8-4305142
Rach Gia: Tel 84-77-877742 or 878475; Fax: 84-77-877741
Phu Quoc Island: 84-77-846180 or 990368; Fax: 84-77-980111


Trameco has daily connections between Rach Gia and the southern town of An Thoi.
Contact details:

Rach Gia – Kien Giang; 84-77-878655, Fax: 84-77-879179
Phu Quoc Island; 84-77-980666 or 990575, Fax: 84-77-980666

Hai Au (Seagull)

The Hai Au has daily connections between Rach Gia and the southern town of An Thoi, and similar to the Super Dong departs in the afternoon from Phu Quoc, so you may need to organise transport from Rach Gia prior to your arrival or stay overnight.

Contact details:

Ho Chi Minh City; Tel 84-8-8583654 * Fax: 84-8-8583654;
Rach Gia, Kien Giang; Tel: 84-77-879455 or 879477, Fax: 84-77-87946
Phu Quoc Island; Tel 84-77-981000, Fax: 84-77-981010

Vietrosko Hydrofoil

Vietrosko Hydrofoil
Vietrosko Hydrofoil

Daily journeys commence in Rach Gia departing 12:45pm to Hon Chong, onto Ha Tien by bus, then back on board for the 3pm departure from Ha Tien, arriving in Phu Quoc at 4:15pm. Leaves Phu Quoc daily for the return journey at 8.30am from An Thoi.

NOTE: this service is unreliable and tends to be suspended from time to time. Services from Rach Gia are reliable and run all year round, weather permitting.
Latest available contact details:

Ho Chi Minh City; Tel: 84-8-8360160, 8220204, Fax: 8297378
Rach Gia – Kien Giang: Tel: 84-77-878678, Fax: 84-77-878774
Phu Quoc Island; Tel/Fax: 84-77-980444 or 990333

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